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Lori's Story

Ron and I have been the proud owners of Edible Arrangements and The Simple Greek for almost fourteen years, and many people have asked me why I wanted to start a concept where I would essentially be “going it alone.” Edible Arrangements has been nothing but a blessing to me and my family, but after so many years of working within the confines of someone else’s system, I wanted a new challenge.

I love sweets. They are absolutely my weakness. It is hard for me ever to pass up a tremendous dessert or luscious piece of chocolate. More specifically, I love a perfect bite. Whether it is savory or sweet, I adore combining just the right amount of “this and that” to make my taste buds scream with excitement. On Thanksgiving, I like to take just a bit of turkey, a smidge of dressing, a smear of cranberry sauce, and just a touch of mashed potatoes and gobble it down all together. This love for combinations of flavors is what inspired me to create The Perfect Bite.

In addition to sweets, I crave a good coffee. Most of the time when I visit a good coffee shop, I am on the lookout for a sweet treat, but often time the options are too large. I can’t eat a whole slice of cake or a giant cookie, so I’m searching for something small yet satisfying – enter The Perfect Bite. We are featuring gourmet Branch Street Coffee and a wide assortment of bite size treats that are sure to please. We have Cake Bites (chocolate, birthday cake, lemon, strawberry), Brownie Bites, Fruit Bites, gluten free Lemon Crinkle Cookies, Mini-Oat Muffins and a Mini-Chocolate Chip Cookie with a touch of salt that will knock your socks off. If you need something a little more filling, we have Fresh Fruit Smoothies, and Smoothie Bowls that eat like a meal. Taste after taste, spoonful after spoonful, each recipe is crafted to give you a Perfect Bite.

We have been doing business in the Hermitage area for over ten years, and I couldn’t be more excited to launch my first ever independent business in such a wonderful community. We hope that you come enjoy the sights and smells, and then taste a treat so you can experience The Perfect Bite.

Lori Taylor

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